Bc. Marta Crhová

"Yoga teaches me listening and perception of the whole body and gives me space to fully experience every moment here and now, both with humility and love for oneself and the world around me."

For Marta, any movement is a joy and her biggest hobbies have long revolved around sports such as wakeboarding, snowboarding, kiteboarding, cycling and more. After a few lessons attended, yoga completely won Marta a few years ago

and has become a great foundation for all her sports, as well as for a healthy and calm mind.

In 2018, Marta started a yoga instructor course. She longed to discover more information about yoga and experience how yoga can enrich it, and she also wanted to pass on her enthusiasm for yoga. Yoga continues to motivate her in the development of her physical condition, flexibility, patience and knowledge of her inner "self".


Licences, specialization & workshops:

  • Yoga instructor; Yoga Brno Academy
  • Astanga Vinyasa Yoga; MyFit


Natali Knechtová

Natali began practicing yoga as compensation for wakeboarding, which she practiced. Over time, however, she began to feel a positive effect not only on her physical body, but also on her mental. Only then did she understand that yoga is not a sport, but a lifestyle that balances and heals both our body and our mind. So Natali used yoga as an aid to combating the health problems that plagued her for several years.

"Yoga has changed my attitude towards life, it helps me understand my own body and teaches me to listen to it."

By taking an instructor course, yoga became Natalie's path. The way that makes the ordinary exceptional. In a way that teaches her to fully accept the presence as it is.

"I see yoga as a journey full of humility, purity and love. Let's spread, share and experience all of these together."

As a yoga instructor, Natali tries to incorporate elements of nonviolence, gentleness, strength and control over her own body and mind into her lessons.

"Yoga is not the key to happiness. Yoga can help us find this key that is hidden deep in each of us."

Licence, specializace a workshopy:

  • Yoga instructor; Yoga Brno Academy



Soňa Doležalová

I love sports, but I still haven't been able to find one that I'm good at

all my energy (I was born under the sign of Aries).

I tried KANGOO BOOTS once and fell in love completely

and since I think there are more fools like me,

so I want to get KANGOO JUMPING to the people!

So I hope you will come and expand our range of HOPSALEK.


Motto: The most beautiful music is human laughter (Jan Werich)

You can learn more about me at www.jumpfitbrno.cz


Licenses, specializations and workshops:

Kangoo jumping instructor, fitness trainer



Mgr. Jan Kruta

Hi, my name is Honza and I work as a primary school teacher.

I graduated from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Sports

studies at Masaryk University in Brno

running, cycling and swimming. I also work as a fitter

and athletic trainer at the FC Kuřim football team.

I also create individual training plans

and coaching in general.


In short, life that revolves around sports is fun and fulfilling.


Licenses, specializations and workshops:

Tabata and Kruháč lecturer, fitness trainer




The Viktoria Center is looking for a coach for long-term cooperation.

It would be both outdoor and indoor training, we are currently preparing a new gym.

We are looking for someone who has experience in various types of training or their combinations and could use what the area offers,

subsequently helped us with the development and selection of another range.

Examples: TRX, fitness training, circuit training, weight training, running training, etc ... Other variants possible, we are open to everything.

We are looking for coaches for whom sport is a passion, as well as for us. After all, the coach is the main business card, so we are looking for a representative one

and communicative people who enjoy working with a group of people. You need to be responsible and punctual.

Within the complex, we offer a number of possibilities for further cooperation.

If you are interested, contact us at info@centrumviktoria.cz





CENTRUM VIKTORIA is a modern multi-purpose complex located in a quiet location near the center of Brno on the right side of the river Svratka.
The modern concept of the center offers a combination of work, movement and relaxation.
Here you will find several types of attractive sports as - 6x squash courts, 8x beach volleyball courts, 3x badminton, tennis, football pitch, soccer, yoga and sports center, commercial premises and offices,  than restaurant with summer terrace and bowling, English-Czech kindergarden. Free parking right next to the complex.


Sport bookings: 776 282 575

Bowling: 777 792 881

Restaurant: 777 792 881

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MONDAY:        7:00 - 22:00                   

TUESDAY:       7:00 - 22:00                    

WEDNESDAY: 7:00 - 22:00                    

THURSDAY:    7:00 - 22:00                    

FRIDAY:           7:00 - 22:00                    

SATURDAY:     8:00 - 22:00                    

SUNDAY:         8:00 - 22:00          

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS:  8:00 - 20:00

On Christmas, New Years Eve and Easters we are CLOSED

Other adjusments and specifications of opening hours you can find always in NEWS.





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