Kangoo Jumping:

Kango jumps is a novelty in aerobics. Special kangoo jumps shoes were developed not only for aerobics, but also for other sports activities. You can run in nature, play ball games, jump high and do other aerobic activities in them. This is mainly a very fun exercise, which will relieve everyday stress and you will feel a huge rush of energy, as you will release an incredible amount of endorphins. Exercise is suitable for both women and men.

Kangoo jumps bring new joy to movement. Lengthy and often boring aerobic activities such as jogging have become more fun thanks to the trampoline effect, which gives a feeling of lightness and excitement from a unique movement. The essence is a spring in the lower part of the shoe, which absorbs up to 80% of the impact when landing and helps in the rebound, which is called the so-called rebound effect. Due to the intense involvement of the muscles during the rebound, the legs and buttocks are most involved. Kangoo jumps are an ideal means of building strength, strengthening the habit of correct posture thanks to the involvement of the muscles of the trunk to maintain balance, they strengthen the muscles and adjust the hypertension of the lumbar spine, they eliminate bad habits when stepping, which during running or aerobics lead to overloading of the joint system of the ankle and knee joint .

Each lesson will last 50 minutes, shoes will be available on site. IT IS NECESSARY TO HAVE HIGH KNEE PADS or COVERS.

We have shoes in sizes: S (35, 36, 37, 38), M (39, 40, 41), L (42, 43, 44, 45), XL (46 – 48) - State your size when booking, or write it in a note online.


Fit yoga:

Fit Yoga is a dynamic lesson combining Power Yoga, Pilates and Tabata. This makes it a suitable alternative to classical yoga. The lesson shapes the figure and improves fitness.


Fitness Training:

A perfect option for those who are not fond of yoga. It is a combined lesson that is made up of strengthening exercises focused on problem areas - thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

CENTRUM VIKTORIA is a modern multi-purpose complex located in a quiet location near the center of Brno on the right side of the river Svratka.
The modern concept of the center offers a combination of work, movement and relaxation.
Here you will find several types of attractive sports as - 6x squash courts, 8x beach volleyball courts, 3x badminton, tennis, football pitch, soccer, yoga and sports center, commercial premises and offices,  than restaurant with summer terrace and bowling, English-Czech kindergarden. Free parking right next to the complex.


Sport bookings: 776 282 575

Bowling: 777 792 881

Restaurant: 777 792 881

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MONDAY:        7:00 - 22:00                   

TUESDAY:       7:00 - 22:00                    

WEDNESDAY: 7:00 - 22:00                    

THURSDAY:    7:00 - 22:00                    

FRIDAY:           7:00 - 22:00                    

SATURDAY:     8:00 - 22:00                    

SUNDAY:         8:00 - 22:00          

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS:  8:00 - 20:00

On Christmas, New Years Eve and Easters we are CLOSED

Other adjusments and specifications of opening hours you can find always in NEWS.





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